Casey Neistat/CNN and the end of BEME

I think a lot of us wondered how the whole Casey Neistat/BEME/CNN gig was going to work and now it seems that we weren’t the only ones who had a hard time figuring out what it would be. Casey announced on his own YouTube channel today that BEME would cease to exist as a standalone company. I’m sure that CNN had eyes on creating some kind of Vice style youth oriented channel built around some super neat as yet unbuilt tech platform/s. However, even with the huge investment (not inc the reported $25m they paid for BEME in the first place!!) seems they couldn’t get enough useful content to justify the companies existence as a standalone entity. There was some reported success with the BEME YouTube channel videos, but given that even the most successful videos were struggling to break 200K views compared to Casey’s 2-5m views for films on his own channel it was still weak.

Media organisations and brands continue to try and successfully crack into the YT, youth influencer market and this shows that it’s still a risky and expensive business.

Shame though, I for one would of liked to see it work…

Watch the video here:

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